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Home Sweet Home Theatre (HSH Theatre) provides the finest products, installation services, and general electrical services for your home or business.

We realize that your home is one of your largest investments, if not your single largest investment. At HSH Theatre, we add value to that investment by providing tailored home audio and video solutions while helping you enjoy your “down time” at home more fully.

Whether you are interested in home theater or audio services, electrical services, or a simple TV installation, we are a trusted expert and leader in the industry. HSH Theatre makes a complex job look easy and we guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction.

We invite you to explore the custom services we provide. After all, isn’t your “home sweet home” worth it?

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TV & Accessories Installation

  • We mount and hook up just about every type of TV and accessory you can think of! Whether a LCD, Plasma, DLP, or front- or rear-projector TV—with or without an accompanying DVD player, cable or satellite, TiVo, surround sound system, in-wall speakers, subwoofer, etc., we professionally install them all!
  • We use our expertise to strategically install the TV (and accompanying components) in just the right place. We can also supply you with additional cables, mounting brackets, and in-wall concealed speaker wiring to all speakers (if accessible) as well.
  • Many homeowners choose to mount their plasma or LCD TV on the wall or over a fireplace and request we hide the wires in the wall. This is our specialty! Additional outlets can be installed behind the television where possible.


Home Theater Room/Media Room

    For many, there is the misconception that by plugging a surround sound system into any large TV, you have a home theater. But it requires a lot more than that.

    At Home Sweet Home Theatre, we design and install optimal acoustics because we properly “size” the room and use materials that absorb, reflect, and diffuse sound. We offer seamless integration, hidden access, and a clean, sleek look. The most important behind-the-scenes element of a great home theater is the substantial, structured wiring (Cat 5 or better for data/voice; RG6 coax cable for video). These are a must. Home Sweet Home Theater never skimps on wiring and only provides you with the best.

    For a true home theater experience, it all starts with the big screen. Begin with six feet for average-size rooms to 80–100 inches for larger rooms.

    For surround sound, you need at least a 5.1 system that has five full-range speakers and one subwoofer. This gives you the total immersion of true theater sound.

    For amplification, an A/V receiver is required for multi-channel audio formats—some of these receivers have integrated amplifiers and equalizers. And, many manufacturers package components together for the convenience of the consumer. Touchpad control systems are gaining in popularity. They offer the convenience of integration of several systems, for example, room temperature, lighting, shade-lowering, etc.

    And finally, many homeowners are choosing to top it all off with ultra-comfortable, authentic, theater-style seating. Being comfortable during a movie is as important as the screen and the sound!


Home Audio

If you are looking for a great sound system, look no further! We set up all audio equipment including your TV, audio and video components, subwoofer, and speakers. We will conceal speaker wire to all speakers if accessible or, if you wish, create a hidden control room in a nearby closet or other room.

We also install a wide selection of consumer and professional electronics including: antennas, home theater electronic hardware, mobile audio and video accessories, video game accessories, batteries, cables, connectors, satellite radio, and digital wall volume controls to name a few.


Whole-House Audio

One of the biggest advantages to building a home from the ground up is the option of wiring the entire house for sound—right from the start. We expertly install (and supply) quality room speakers in every room you desire, strategically place keypads in every room, and Voila!—you have your own resort!

Think of it as a place where every member of the family can enjoy whichever genre of music they like—all at the same time. New construction is the perfect time to schedule and install a whole-house audio system so you can enjoy premium sound entertainment for many happy years to come.


Electrical Services

As a licensed, bonded, and insured business with licensed electricians, we are pros when it comes to new construction. From panel breakers to wiring for all rooms on all levels—inside and outside—we make sure everything is done properly and to code.

From new construction to remodeling to complete electrical installation, no job is ever too difficult.
Some of our more popular residential services include:

  • New construction, whole-house (or strategic room) electrical and sound wiring
  • Remodel and upgrade wiring in house
  • Specialty kitchen lighting: under-cabinet, over-cabinet, in-cabinet lighting
  • Outlet installation, removal, upgrading
  • Chandelier installation
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Recessed and can light installation
  • Wall sconce installation
  • Dimmer switches
  • Tel/Data network wiring
  • Intercom system


Remote Control Products,
Programming, and Tutoring

You’re only as good as your remote control…

An easy-to-use, universal remote control makes all the difference. We suggest and program the appropriate remote control specific to your needs, your system, and aligned to your budget. Then we patiently walk you through how to use it. We offer the latest remote control devices available in the market.


Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor lighting and sound systems can really “make” your exterior façade. We install attractive, value-adding landscape lighting, rock and all-weather speakers, patio lighting, pool lighting, porch lighting, timers, low-voltage transformers, and underground wiring to illuminate moon gardens, paths, berms and landscaped islands. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with a professionally illuminated home. It’s such a nice touch!


Specialty Kitchen Lighting

We realize that most families do most of their “living” in the kitchen. That’s why more and more homeowners are choosing to: add decorative lighting above and below their cabinets, install flat-panel TVs directly in the kitchen or eating areas, or hang beautiful pendant lights above the island or countertop. So, set the mood for warm ambience, fun, and visual entertainment—right in your kitchen! Call us today and get a head start creating your dream kitchen.


Surveillance System/CCTV

We provide and install security systems and equipment for your home and office such as CCTV, video surveillance, hidden cameras, monitors, and CCTV accessories for all popular brands.


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